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Killing Value

Are you killing the value of your home by not doing the basics to maximize its value?

Killing Value will walk you through your property from the front yard to the back and all the places in between. You will learn how a PB - potential buyer - looks at your house and how what they see affects your value and the selling time of your property.

You will also learn that how you keep your home also affects your appraised value.

Killing Value can be purchased through, at Barnes and Noble (stores or online), and at local bookstores.
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Quotes about Killing Value
"This book should be given to every seller. It is a reality check for what they need to do."
Mary Byrne Thomas

"Sometimes people don't know what to do. Sometimes people don't think about what to do. This book is very funny. It reminds people to think about what they are doing to their homes and tells them what they need to know."
Carl Schuetze



Learn what affects your value the most and how a little money and effort will go a long way to increase the value of your home.